Thursday, 30 September 2010

Wrong cover image?

This was found in the same phonebox as The Question, the following day (yesterday.)  I guess someone must have that box marked for regular tracting.

Hit the jump for the inside, but first, take a note of the cover image. It's important y'see.

The first few paragraphs equate the Passover story with the Jesus story. This is a pretty standard metaphor in Christianity and not one that I'm going to linger on this time round. Moving on.

The tract then goes on to refer to "our artist" who has apparently made this picture with four groups in it, two representing types of Christians and two representing Teh Damned. The only problem here is... WHAT groups? Check the cover again. It's a photo of a pyramid and the Sphinx. There is nothing in it from the description or any other interpretation I can think of, how this can represent four groups of people.

I've checked the website by the way. This isn't a printing fuck up or anything like that. They actually have this tract on their site with the same cover and the same text making the same reference to the same image that doesn't exist.

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