Thursday, 23 September 2010

Oh joy, a Divorce tract.....also Fireproof.

All right, I DID have something planned for today, but that's been postponed. I just went and watched Fireproof (a shitty Christian movie about a guy saving his marriage because Jesus) with one of my E-friends, which to our UTTER SHOCK AND SURPRISE turned out to be an incredibly dull movie with terrible writing and awful characters designed to forward the movie's preachy message and plug their Save Your Marriage Because Jesus book first, and function as characters second.

So here's a leaflet on divorce I found on Buchanan street one day.

Hit the jump.

Okay, so being a guy who's never had to deal first hand with the effects of divorce, nor really read up on it, I can't say whether the Actual Practical Advice Bits are actually good advice or not, so let's just jump to the bit where it goes Divorce Is A Sin on us, which is a really REALLY overly simplistic way of looking at something which until here it was at least TRYING to pretend was a complex issue. No thought is given to the idea that one or more parties may be abusive, pressured or coerced into the marriage, or just plain incompatable. It's just a straight up sin, and fuck you if you want to bail!

And while you are vulnerable during this hard time, here's a cult you should join!

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  1. Wow, lovely. Essentially this is a leaflet for the side who didn't initiate divorce proceedings, saying that the one who did initiate proceedings is an evil sinner. Then it goes on to say that you are also evil because even if you were clinging on to your holy marriage you allowed yourself to sin by getting divorced when you didn't want to. It's dangerously close to the logic that leads these people to say a rape victim is a sinner as well, possibly more so than the rapist, for allowing it to happen. I did wonder how they came to these conclusions...