Friday, 3 September 2010

And you thought the shops were bad

Today is the third of September, which NATURALLY means it's time to break out the Christmas themed stuff. I found this today in a phone box on Sauchiehall Street, along with a bunch of other tracts. Even supermarkets usually have the decency to wait until October.

Hit the jump for more festive cheer.
"Well, this miraculous event certainly happened, about 2000 years ago - Even our calendars tell us that"

Not every calendar uses the same starting point. The Chinese calendar puts the year at 4708. The Islamic calendar makes the year 1431. Jewish calendars will say 5771 from next week onwards. The Scientology calendar says it is the year 60, and so forth. In any case, the Gregorian calendar which is the most widely used today is at least four years off if you want to line it up with the supposed birth of Jesus (it's meant to coincide with a Roman Census y'see.)

Also, the Anno Domini system of year numbering didn't come about until AD 525, and it took another 300 or so years to enter mainstream usage. All it does is demonstrate Christianity's cultural effect. It does not prove that "this miraculous event certainly happened."

Nice job comparing tasteful wrapping paper to a guy being executed as well.... That's certainly...... wow.

OH I see what's happened here. Someone's got some spare Christmas tracts kicking about from last year and is clearing them out. Well, maybe not last year, given that the last Sunday December 24th was in 2006

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