Monday, 27 September 2010

Beware - shitty poetry ahead

Found in a telephone box at Trongate

Hit the jump for the inside

Attempt to raise uncertainty of post-life circumstances - CHECK
Condescending reference to "religion" as if Christianity doesn't count - CHECK
Threats of hellfire and damnation to unbelievers - CHECK
Tum te tum...

I saw a poem upon a tract
and in that poem it said
that it's supposedly a fact
that hell awaits the dead

They figure if they write in rhyme
their writings must be true
but now I think that it is time
to say that that's just poo

For I can do crap rhymings too
and we can't both be right
so what I say to them and you
is that they're talking shite.


  1. This posting made me happy
    Its cleverness abounds
    The rhyming, it was crappy
    On the pamphlet that you found

    I agree that it is bullshit
    "It's true cause it's in meter"
    The crazies that assume this
    Can suck my John, Luke, and Peter

  2. This comment box was empty
    Much like the tracts ahead
    To fill the space I typed in it
    Should do something else instead

    Agreed, however; what a find!
    These mooks must think we're thick
    As if we would pay any mind
    To their silly rhyming trick!