Friday, 17 September 2010

and so life goes on

There's something strange about moving back to standard tracts after such a ridiculous posting yesterday. I can't help but worry that this blog may have peaked. Indeed, this may lead to the question of....
and by life I mean this blog, I mean I'm not going to end myself OR this blog just because I've blogged the craziest pile of nonsense I have ever seen.

Continue to jump the hit.

Here are TEN unhappy/quote-mined/dead guys. THEREFORE life is only worth living if you believe in Jesus. Impeccable logic once again. 

Now, I may be of the opinion as an atheist that the fact that you only get one life - with no heaven, reincarnation or 1ups - is EXACTLY what makes it worth living, and any made up notion of heaven just distracts from all the STUFF, good and bad which is all you're going to get, but what the fuck do I know? I'm just some guy the Pope thinks is a nazi!

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  1. Rather a depressing one! I love that, while the thing you should do in order for God to come to you isn't a prayer, they still tell you exactly what to say in order for it to work. Most of these leaflets do that! It's like unless you say a specific combination of words, God will go "LALALALALALALA I'm not listening; you need to say the password right!"

    Also, what terribleexamples. I'm fairly sure many of them were Christian and were miserable anyway. Just because they were miserable apparently means they weren't Christian in this leaflet.