Thursday, 2 September 2010

Prepare to meet thy sandwich board guy

One day, just a block away from Central Station, there was a guy with messy hair wearing a sandwich board saying "PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD" on it, handing out tracts. He was like the ultimate in the whole "THE END IS NIGH" stereotype. I couldn't NOT take a tract off him.

Hit the jump for the inside.

"God cannot lie. Therefore it must be true."



"Religion will come to you in many guises"

Yeah. I've noticed.

Nice touch with the blank spaces, although I can only assume it may backfire slightly on the childish type who like to fill in these things in a somewhat puerile manner. I'll leave that to your imagination ;)

I've noticed a pattern with quite a lot of these tracts, in that they'll always assume some form of indifferent theism, if that makes sense. As if the recipient already believes in God in a sort of half-arsed manner and is simply waiting for a two-page pamphlet to sum things up for them and spiritually blackmail them into believing "properly." No attempt will be made to offer even a pretence of actual evidence beyond "God said it. It's in a book. It MUST be true" with the possible exception of a couple of creationist tracts, which will just make shit up in a desperate attempt to discredit proven scientific theories.

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  1. "There is only one heaven and that is God's heaven!"

    Okay, I'll bite: which god?