Saturday, 11 September 2010


Oh look, a clever play on spelling to make the tract appeal to the dyslexic enviromentalist. Classy! This one was being handed out one day to students making their way into Paisley University of the West of Scotland.

Hit the jump and TAKE HEED NOW!!

Yep. That's right. Leave the important stuff to the scientifically-minded, and let this here deal with the bullshit ;) While the "Scientifically-minded" are dealing with stuff like how much human beings are breaking the planet and how best to fix it or at least not break it any further, let's talk about Noah's Flood and the wrath of God and how the world is going to shit but IT'S OKAY BECAUSE WE'RE GOING TO HEAVEN WHEN WE DIE HURP A DURP!!!

This is something that really really bothers me a lot of the time. While it's only heavily implied here, it tends to be pretty much openly blurted out amongst right-wing fundamentalists, whose view on Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever the fuck you want to call it consists either of "Fuck it, Jesus won't let anything shitty happen" or "Fuck it, Jesus is gonna blow it up any time anyways." Hey. Remember that bit in the bible... you know, the FIRST DAMN CHAPTER, where God is all like "Hey Humans, y'alls are in charge of the earth, now don't break it too hard." or the bit where Jesus is all like, "So yeah, at least TRY not to make a mess before I come back?" Yeah. I'm sure whoever wrote that stuff actually intended for someone to pay attention to those bits, or were they more concerned about fighting the Gay Agenda and covering up scandals and protecting profit margins?


  1. Apparently "dominion over nature" means "carte blanche to fuck everything up." :(

  2. Hahaha! I AM a dyslexic environmentalist and WAS momentarily intrigued

  3. What exactly is "further spiritual help"? Are they going to send someone to your house in a box?