Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Gospel in manly pink

This one crops up in a phone box on the way to work every so often.

Also it is pink.

Hit the jump...

This one pretty much takes the Fuck It, Going For The Jugular approach. You suck, you're going to hell unless you're pals with the same magic man as me. They really don't get much more straightforward than this one.

Ahh, the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, or the Wee Wee Frees, as they are locally known (although not by the adherents themselves). They're most famous for treating the Sabbath day as SERIOUS BUSINESS, to the extent that getting the bus to Church is a sin, musical instruments are forbidden, and they block you from accessing their website on a Sunday (seriously. It checks your internal clock and tells you to GTFO if it comes up Sunday)

AND that makes a full 31 day month's worth of updates. This is ridiculously fun so far :D

Tomorrow is Pope Day.... You are not ready for tomorrow's update....

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