Wednesday, 8 September 2010

London Break - Part 3 - I Heart Speaker's Corner

On our last day in London, I decided to pay a brief visit to Speaker's Corner. Speaker's Corner is basically one of the most fucking brilliant ideas ever. Granted, it is something which undoubtedly is largely occupied by preachers, conspiriacy nuts, trolls and general whackjobs, but that's part of the fun of it, and par for the course in the great free exchange of ideas.

When I went, (early afternoon, August 1st) there were four distinct speakers there. One was a Jamaican guy wearing comedy devil horns, telling people to "divorce Jesus." The next was a Muslim stand, but I wasn't able to get close enough to that one in the short time I was there. My dad informs me that he was there later on and some lady started causing drama by yelling at them that all Muslims are terrible people because september 11th etc.

The third guy is where I got this tract, and a couple more from. He was a pretty standard preacher of Turn or Burn Christianity, and seems to have got his tracts from the same source as whoever had left "Are You Saved" in the phonebox the previous night. He had some henchmen with him to hand the tracts out. Finally, there was a guy on a soapbox singing something I couldn't understand. He was wearing a Star Of David tie and trousers with "Jesus Is Lord" written on them. Opposite him were a bunch of signs which I didn't get to read all the way through (Like I said, I was pushed for time and had other stuff I wanted to do) which appeared to be geared towards convincing Jews that Jesus was the messiah this whole time.

But enough talk. There's a tract I'm meant to finish isn't there. Go hit the jump

No. I think you'd be hard pressed trying to find "Scientific Man" going around telling people that bees cannot fly. Bees have been observed flying, and have been studied extensively to figure out how they fly. God on the other hand, has not been observed existing.
The arrogant "Stop thinking and start believing, dumbass!" tone of this tract is fun as well.
Pretty much the same back cover as before, although it's polite enough to say "Please join a church" this time.

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