Saturday, 18 September 2010

Clipart for Christ

He was able to remove his face at will.

His head could shrink while his body grew to enormous proportions.

He hit the jump for the rest

He did a whole bunch of irrelevant stuff.

He was a famous footballer, businessman, weightlifter and hillwalker

He was capable of changing age and race at will

He went and died.

Therefore, God exists.

Nothing too weird about this one, except for its general sillyness. The weird bit comes in when a remake showed up in which our shapeshifter is apparently replaced by John Prescott or something. Read on.... yeah


  1. So John Prescott wasn't a politician then?

  2. xD Wonderful! Personally, I think the remake is a little bland :P

    Is it just me, or in the first one does he transform into two different Japanese businessmen?