Sunday, 5 September 2010

Meet ZBC

Every Sunday at half 2, almost without fail, members of the Zion Baptist Church will make their merry way into the city centre, pull out an amplifier, and politely inform passers by how much better they are than you, while handing out various tracts. Occasionally they'll also show up at art exhibitions and theatre shows and Marilyn Manson gigs, to protest their EVILNESS! They also have Billy Connolly on their shit list.

The rest of the tract follows after the jump as usual, plus a bonus video of ZBC in action.

I really don't have much to say about this one to be honest. The actual tracts are pretty bog standard Jesus was great you suck yay Jesus type stuff. They also say this stuff as if Jesus is the only guy in the history of the world who has EVER had a religious following.

All of GTP's tracts have some kind of poem at the end because when someone writes a poem about something it means that it's true.

Aaand here's a bonus video as well, just cuz.

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