Friday, 20 August 2010

txt msgs 4 u

omg lolzteh best wai 2 wtnss 2 teh modun cultur = liek total disrgrd 4 teh englsh lnguge lol

ht teh jmp 4 moar imgs

The fact that this entire desecration of the english language (in the name of reaching TEH YOOF no doubt) is "written" entirely from the POV of Jesus, and refers to bible verses as "Txt Msgs" only makes the whole thing even MORE absurd.

Also, "SIN is an archery word"
I...WHAT? Totally lost me there. What does that even MEAN? Most of this stuff I can translate into English, but I am totally and utterly lost on what they mean by archery word.

By the way, just for the sake of completion, and because I couldn't be arsed recounting it in LOL TXT SPK earlier, this was found last year on Buchanan Street. I didn't see who was handing them out, but I found a few the same day with the same church stamp on them, and many of them are just as bad in different ways. I look forward to recounting them.

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