Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Life is Short. Eternity is not.


Here's one I picked up recently. Just this Saturday to be exact. This one was left lying on a bench on Gordon Street, just outside the bank. There were a few more strewn about, so I guess there were some folks handing these out before I arrived on the scene.

I'm sure I've seen a pic of this same phrase on an American billboard somewhere. There's kind of a trend on American Preachy Billboards to just have a short snappy, almost "hip" sounding phrase, and stick " - GOD" next to it in some kind of cynical attempt to make God sound more...down-to-earth I guess. There's another one I've seen a couple times which says "Let's all meet at my house Sunday before the game. -God." They don't really get less lame over time.

Hit the jump for the back.

Yeah. Pretty tame actually.
I've seen quite a lot of tracts, and heard plenty of street preachers yelling, almost over-enthusiastically, about the many horrors that await me when I die and go to hell, that after a while a simple "Wages of sin is death" seems pretty tame really, even with the implied eternal damnation on the front. Maybe the holy trinity that is Jamie, Darren and Andy cover that in their mobile sermons

Incidentally, Jamie, Darren and Andy all had mobile numbers next to their names. I've gone ahead and shopped them out. I'd really like to not be a dick about giving people's numbers out, even if they ARE sticking them on cards which they hand out to hundreds of strangers

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