Monday, 23 August 2010

Banana Bucks

Another oldie this one. Got it at least two years ago. This one is another one of Ray Comfort's gems (yup, THAT Ray Comfort), and to my understanding, one of his better known ones.

I've seen one localised for the UK once before (it was a £1,000,000 note with a the same text on the back) but I've not been able to find it again.

As always, hit the jump for the back.

You would think it's bad enough having "In God We Trust" on American currency? Here, we've got not only that, but also an attempt to guilt-trip you into believing in Jesus (once again, who needs evidence when you have guilt trips and emotional manipulation). Apparently some idiot actually attempted to cash in one of these things at a bank, the end result being far more publicity than Ray should really be getting.


  1. Too weirdly formatted; didn't read.

    One of my favourite Ray Comfort-isms? In response to someone asking him 'if God's so perfect, why do humans have blind spots in their eyes?' he responded "Let’s address your issues. I don’t have a blind spot in my eye. Both of them see very well and I am thankful for the 137million light sensitive cells that make sight possible. Do you have a blind spot in your eye? If you do, I suggest that you see an optician and see if he can either fix it, or get you another eye." LOLWUT?!

  2. You've got to wonder if he's just feigning dumbness to avoid actually having to address the point.