Saturday, 28 August 2010

Making Jack Chick look like ART!

Yippee. A comic tract, as found today on Sauchiehall street. I found this one on the ground, but there were a bunch of preachers with a sketchpad handing out tracts down the road, so I guess it was one of theirs. Most of the stuff I get from them is ENDLESS WORDS, so the comic one here is an exception really. It also contains some atrocious drawing and bizarre use of motion lines.

Jump hit blah blah blah....

Like pretty much most of the tracts I've come across, this one just flat out assumes that you're just going to swallow whatever it is they throw at you, because HEY IT'S A COMIC!. Second last panel here cracks me up. Hypothetical Man has apparently always believed in Jesus (he's not a heathen you know!) but has apparently never even heard of any of these bible verses or I assume even read the bible.

His nose has been getting progressively larger all the way through this tract, and reaches a peak in the second last panel here. This CLEARLY symbolises all the sin preparing to be expelled through his nose as he prays, as illustrated in the final panel. Why else do you think people say "God bless you" when you sneeze?

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