Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I.Q. Test

Found on the corner of Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall street on 7th Aug.
It, and a bunch of other ones I picked up, was being handed out by a group of people who were alternating between singing happy-clappy Jesus songs, and yelling about the fires of hell at passers by. Don't you just love delicous mood-whiplash?

This one reminds me of the dodgy ad banners which present ridiculously common optical illusions, along with some answer tickboxes which make the answer incredibly obvious in a lame attempt to make you click the banner and drag you on to their site. It's more or less the same principle here.

Go ahead and hit the
the jump for more...

No attempt is actually made to back any of the answers up. They're just flat out stated in the hope that the recipient is really, really impressionable

Also, is it wrong that I can't read "God will never let you down" without mentally Rickrolling myself? The internet has kind of ruined my life that way.

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  1. I was expecting this to say "God will never let let you down."