Thursday, 19 August 2010

Fossils...and attempting to debunk fossils with non-fossils

This is one of a whole bunch of tracts I picked up from a shelf of tracts some street preachers were handing out stuff from the other week (5th of August to be exact, although I think they were there the whole week). As well as a bunch of their own tracts, they were also giving out cards from notorious creationist group Answers In Genesis, such as this one, which attempts to debunk fossils by presenting items which are not fossils.

Hit the jump for the back

That's right. It's a "FOSSIL HAT" which proves ONCE AND FOR ALL that NOAH'S FLOOD definitely HAPPENED.

Ex.....cept the hat is not a fossil at all. It's actually the result of a process known as concretion. The differences between concretion and fossilization are subtle, but important. (for a start, there IS STILL A HAT underneath a coating of rock). It's a relatively common occurrence with stuff that's left exposed to flowing hard water for a really long time. Minerals get mixed in to the pores of the object, and archaeologists have a fun time trying to clean it all back off (which they can do because they ARE NOT FOSSILS)

Creationists on the other hand just leave the stuff on, yell LOOK A FOSSIL HAT LOL STUPID EVOLUTIONISTS and watch as the entire scientific community collectively facepalms at their sheer stupidity.

There's an excellent video by Youtube guy Potholer54Debunks on the subject on the below link

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