Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Testimony of a missing section

Found yesterday on Argyle Street, opposite the Marks and Spencers. 
Couldn't miss it really. It was a folded A3 sheet. Basically, it's huge.

But HEY. Testimony of a Demon Possessed Man. I'm sure you're as excited to read that as I am.

Hit the jump for that, and more.

Might have to click up the large version of the image to read it. For a much larger than usual tract, this is still an incredibly by-the-numbers bunch of stuff, except maybe for the BEING A WITCH OR A WIZARD?! How does this madness always find its way in here? With that said......I can't help but get the feeling that there's something missing here........hold on.... WHERE'S MY "TESTIMONY OF A DEMON-POSESSED MAN"? I was looking forward to that bit... Might be on the back I suppose.

I'm kinda still experimenting with the best way of redacting personal details on these things (mobile numbers, addresses, perfectly legitimate bank accounts I'm sure, and the like.) There's a lovely variety here, but WHERE THE HELL IS MY TESTIMONY OF A DEMON-POSESSED MAN? Did they just forget to put that bit in? They remembered to put in their BANK DETAILS okay, so at least you can give them money for their false advertising.

Maybe "Demon Possessed" is Tractese for "writes nonsensical gibberish"

I'm annoyed now >: (

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