Monday, 16 August 2010

Jack Chick's Titanic

Found in 2008, on Bath Street (on the bridge over Queen Street Station)

By no means is this the first religious pamphlet I ever came across in the history of ever, but it is the one which inspired me to start keeping the ones I come across, in the event of finding more gems of hilarity. I have been familiar with the work of Jack Chick for a long time, and it's pretty safe to say that this particular tract - which exploits a major tragedy in a somewhat cynical bid to win souls - is one of Chick's tamer works.
I haven't uploaded all of this one, since it's already freely available on Chick's website, but I HAVE uploaded a couple of pages for reasons which will become evident after the jump.

..... so go ahead and hit the jump

I'm not sure if it was the people handing it out, or the original recipient, but somebody has scribbled out the all the instances of characters saying "My God" or "Good Lord." Somebody taking their Third Commandment very, very literally I suppose.

A lot of the pages are fairly mucky. This can be attributed to the fact that it was raining quite heavily when I found this. I'm actually surprised that it wasn't destroyed through sogginess.

Incidentally, the version on Chick's website has since been updated to replace "My God" and "Good Lord" with "OH NO" and "My Goodness." Same reasoning as the scribbles I guess.

No info in the blank space, so I have no idea where this one even came from.

I suppose I should be relieved that I don't see a lot of these ones. Jack Chick comics are straight up insane, dreadfully uninformed, whacked-out paranoid, and very often in incredibly poor taste.... which is essentially the fun of them really.

A LONG while back there was a version on Youtube which dubbed footage of James Cameron's Titanic with dialogue from Jack Chick's Titanic. This appears to have been removed. The only one I can find now has had its audio muted by WMG........bastards :(


  1. Oh my! Chester's leg appears to have been torn off at the knee in the first snippet! This must be foreshadowing of his soullessness, for he can't even feel the pain.

  2. Half the fun of the Chick Tracts is the bizarre facial expressions and terrible poses. The missing leg is new to me though. Nice find :)