Saturday, 9 October 2010

I think Jesus is stalking me...

So I keep finding these creepy letters in the phone boxes I pass, and this is one I got today. Is this something I should be concerned about? Someone is clearly trying to get my attention and they're being incredibly weird about it. Like one minute he's trying to push his sick, creepy, twisted idea of love at me, like how he is watching me everywhere I go even when I sleep, the next he's leaving me all these OTHER letters threatning to burn me alive if I don't return his love.

I'm starting to think I should go to the police and file a restraining order.

As the good book says, "For God so had a really huge unrequited crush on the world that he stuck nails in his wrists and left really creepy love letters everywhere"

No seriously, what is depicted in this tract bares no resemblance to love. It's creepy obsessive material that you'd expect from a stalker, and is in no way normal unless you're in one of Stephanie Meyer's books and...... OH....OH MY GOD!!!



  1. Jesus Cullen/Edward Christ looks very very very very creepy.

    In fact, do we even know if it is from Jesus CHRIST? I mean, his surname doesn't appear anywhere in the letter.

  2. It's actually Jésus, your old Mexican gardener. I'd take it not only to the police, but a psych ward.