Sunday, 3 October 2010

A quick breather.

This is a handwritten postcard to you. Yup. That's right. You're special enough a friend to warrant a font that's meant to resemble handwriting. Seriously either type it using a typey font or actually write it by hand and photocopy it a bunch, but "handwriting" fonts invariably look lame.

But hey at least it's not Comic Sans.

or Papyrus.

Hit the jump for the inside.

Pfft... Life transforming truths? More like..... em.... more like...... Okay so basically it's a social club, but with added God. Nothing particularly offensive or stupid or even particularly notable about this one. I bring it up today for two reasons really

1: This blog IS a collection of EVERY tract I find, and that includes the stuff like this that's not particularly exciting.
2: I haven't really got the energy for a real update today. I've committed myself to daily updates of this thing, but today, I really needed to just get a more laid-back post out of the way after yesterday's incredible rage fest.

I'll make up for it tomorrow. I swear ;)

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