Tuesday, 12 October 2010

More dreadful poetry

 Another old one. I don't actually remember where I came across this one. There's no stamp on the back, which is the usual indicator that I got it from the guys who pop up on Argyle Street on Sundays, but I've seen these kinds crop up other places as well.

 Hey guys. Life is short. Really short. You scared yet? Good. Join our church. We have shitty poetry nights. You too can help us fill out our tracts when we run out of space.
I really didn't want to do
Another bloody poem for you
But now it's time for number two
       What the fuck?

So this one says to you in verse
"One day you'll end up in a hearse
And then your soul will fare much worse"
      What the fuck?

There's nothing here to prove God true
They simply want to frighten you
So you'll absorb their own world view
      What the fuck?

There's really nothing much to hear
Except the usual dose of fear
So fuck this bullshit in the rear
      With a truck

Also, "come," "roam," and "doom" don't rhyme.

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