Monday, 4 October 2010

One for the kids

Found this one on Saturday on the ground on Gordon Street. Unfortunately it was too soggy to open and I just binned it. By sheer luck, divine providence, or the fact that the same people had hit a few phone boxes that day, I found it in a different phonebox on the way to work the next morning.

Hit the jump for the inside. I think it's probably important to note at this point that this tract was WRITTEN FOR CHILDREN!

What a bizarre segue. Here is a story about a bear. Also you are going to burn in hell forever unless you believe in Jesus.
All right hey. If you REALLY want to indulge in your fantasy of people you disagree with religiously burning in hell, be my guest. Just do me one little favour and KEEP THAT SHIT THE FUCK AWAY FROM KIDS!
If you're REALLY going to try and indoctrinate them like this and use the idea of burning in hell as a way of keeping them scared into submission, then fuck you. Really. Fuck you.
And just in case there was any doubt about the intended audience, it says it right there at the bottom of the tract. Children are incredibly easy to manipulate. They don't get their critical thinking faculties until later. They basically have to take whatever adults tell them as fact. They wouldn't last long if they were skeptical in regards to stuff like "Don't drink the washing up liquid" or "don't try and make friends with bears." This is of course really REALLY exploitable when someone with the appearance of authority comes along and tries to say "There's a magical man who lives in heaven and you'd better do as I tell you or he will set you on fire FOREVER!" Kids have incredible imaginations are are able to scare themselves enough with the thought of the monsters under their beds or the bogey man in their wardrobe without you emotionally scarring them for the rest of their lives with the idea of eternal torture.

I wonder if the guy who wrote this would be okay with me reading H.P. Lovecraft to his kids, presenting the threat of being eaten by Cthulhu as fact.

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