Monday, 25 October 2010

Awesome Judgement in the New Futuristic Kindom (sic)

I can't remember exactly how I came across this one. Judging from the water damage to it, it must have been on a wet bench or something. That's the thing about Glasgow. You leave this stuff out in the open the chances are the rain'll get to it before the target audience does.

Hit the jump for the inside

The writing in this one is pretty weird. It looks like the idea behind this one is that the preacher is supposed to give this one to their preachee after an unsuccessful attempt at winning them over. The effect is naturally diminished somewhat when the tract is just left sitting on a bench without the context of the prior encounter which didn't happen.

I've heard heaven described as fluffy clouds, intangible bliss, and a house with many mansions, but "new futuristic kindom" is new to me. It just gives me the mental image of Heaven being some kind of cyberpunk dystopia or something. It has a fun ring to it though, as does "awesome day of judgement."

(I'm so sorry)

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