Friday, 12 November 2010

All right. Back for real. Sorry guys

Well there's no two ways about this. I fucked up. Mere days after promising not to abandon the blog without warning, I went and didn't update for two weeks. Mea Culpa. Forgive me O readers for I have sinned. No particularly dramatic reason or anything. I've just had other stuff on my mind.

The GOOD news on the other hand, is that I have a new folder to store my tracts in. Yup. I have enough of the damn things for them to be a space issue now.


I've found this very tract no less than THREE times this past week. In different phone boxes. IT'S A SIGN!

I think whoever's handing this one out is doing it wrong though. Hit the jump for more.

Okay so there's a cop out here for metaphorical imprisonment, but it's pretty obvious that this is written specifically for convicted prisoners, who would obviously be most likely to identify with the content. Funny how many people find religion behind bars really. Somehow the tract loses its effect towards the guy who just picks it up in a telephone box..... unless the telephone box is supposed to shut and lock behind you when you go in to pick up the tract or phone someone.... Which would SUUUUCK! Do you have any idea what people in Glasgow USE phone boxes for. Euuuurgh!

Yeah. The Convict's Prayer at the end leaves pretty much no doubt of the intended target audience, and usually convicted prisoners don't get much free access to public telephone boxes, so whoever was leaving this around was missing the point a bit.

"I was in prison for a crime. Now I'm in prison for Christ!"
"Your soverign will has already determined
that this physical prison is your assignment for me"

No dude. You're in prison through your own damn fault. You're not there because of an assignment from God. You're there because you broke the law. I think Kent Hovind uses the same rationale to explain his own prison term.

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